The first time you meet with a potential home builder it’s important to ask the right questions, ultimately saving you time and ensuring you get a quality builder in the process.


  1. Are you willing to build the floor plan I have in mind?
    Some builders only offer a limited number of floor plans. Clarify this up front.
  2. Do you have a portfolio or previous builds I can see in person?
    This is a great way to see the craftsmanship of your builder up close and personal. Keep your eyes open for imperfections.
  3. Can you provide a list of references?
    There is no better way to learn about a builder than from a previous customer. This process can last 6 months to a year, so you want to be sure you will enjoy working with this person over that period.
  4. How do you communicate progress to the customer during construction?
    There are many tools builders can use to keep customers in the know throughout a project – increasing communication and reducing stress. Examples include Smartsheet, Co-Construct, Microsoft Project, Builder Trend, Procore.
  5. How do you present pricing to a customer?
    Some builders will show a lump-sum total of the project cost, whereas others will provide a more detailed breakdown. More detail gives you the information necessary to be involved in design changes that allow you to get the look you want, within budget.
  6. How do you handle customer changes during the project?
    It is extremely common for customers to want to make design changes during the project. Some builders prohibit this… do not select this builder.
  7. Do you work with an architect or draft custom-plans in-house?
    Architects can add a lot of value to a project, but they are expensive. Some builders can offer essentially the same services in-house at a lower price.
  8. What are your framing methods?
    This is an area where builders can cut costs, comprising the integrity of your home. Will blog more about this later – check back!
  9. Do you offer a warranty?
    Most builders will guarantee their work for up to 1 year.  If not, beware.

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