Have you ever brought a picture of your dream home you found on Pinterest or Instagram to your potential builder only to have your dreams crushed when you find out it would cost two to three times your budget to build? And to make matters worse, as an alternative, your potential builder only offers 3-floor plans for you to choose from that they are confident can be built within your budget and they looking nothing like your dream home.This is exactly what happened to our clients of The Thunder Oaks House before they met us. They had searched and reviewed hundreds of house-plans online and kept returning to the same one only to have every builder they met with tell them it would cost too much. Most customers and builders become discouraged by this realization and compromise on an alternative house style. We see this dilemma as a fun and exciting challenge. This is where we pride ourselves on our ability to be creative and design a home based on our client’s inspirations and all within their budget. We try to provide a product that embodies almost everything that attracted them to the original house design in the first place while making subtle changes to achieve their budget-goals. Just a few of the ways we can accomplish this are by

  • Squaring up the foundation. The more corners, angles, and offsets a house has, the more it will cost to build. We try to reduce the number of corners in the home while still maintaining the unique elevation that defines the house.
  • Simplifying the roof design. This is usually a result of simplifying the foundation mentioned in the previous bullet, but when a roof design is simple, your engineered trusses or material cost if hand-cutting the roof, are much less expensive.
  • Alternative exterior finishes. There are a lot of comparable options to the trendy/popular manufacturers for siding, exterior trim, windows and doors available for less money. We have found several reliable products we continue to use on all of our houses to save money.
  • If needed, we shrink the footprint of the house proportionately and offer alternative interior layouts that still provide a functional and comfortable flow inside.

Below shows an example of the dream-home our clients brought us and our custom designed alternative. Take a look at more of this beautiful home here. Also, see the original “Dream Home” (designed by Donald Gardner) our clients used as inspiration here.

Dream Home
Real Home

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